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Apr 21
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Fang Styles
We offer many different styles fangs in various length from slender and subtle to in-your-face sizes and shapes.  Custom orders are aways welcome and new designs are always in the works.  We can also do them in various shades to match your tooth color as well as pastel and glow-in-the-dark  colors (hint hint all you ravers!).  Here are a few styles available for order. Styles can be mixed and watch ( ie - Daywalkers + Cat, Reptilian Demon + Daywalkers or Cat set or both)
Canines $100 Most basic and popular set.  The very base of vampire aesthetic DayWalker $200 Inspired from the movie "Blade"  

Reptilian Demon $120
these fangs have a hard edge down the center curving to a wicked edge and extend past the gumline into curled points.

The Cat $200

This set is upper as well as lower canine fangs for a more animal like quality.