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Apr 24
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Dark Awakenings
Awaken the beast within....

Dark Awakenings, founded in  1998  by  Maven,  was started as an  alternative to  the status   quo  of  fang  smiths.  That holds true today as we are still the bad boys of the fang market.  Our artists specialize in quality, subtlety, and color matching for the most realistic set of sharp choppers you’ll ever own. 

    Contrary to the belief, fangs are not just a “goth thing”.  As popular culture evolves, so does fang culture.  We have fitted fangs for UFC  fighters,  businessmen,  lawyers,  exotic  dancers, the medical field, the adult industry, rappers, rockers, ravers, hippies,  law enforcement, your average person on the street, etc.  Call today for your set!